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About Us

Located in China, MANGO international fitness equipment is a company specialized in manufacturing fitness equipment, integrating R&D, and distribution enterprise.

About Guangzhou MANGO Sporting Goods CO. Ltd

We are Guangzhou Mango Sporting Goods CO. Ltd, the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in south China, and we were established in 2004 with Mango as our brand. We have dedicated ourselves to the manufacture of the highest quality commercial gym equipment, professional level strength training machines, heavy duty treadmills, and more.

Over the years we have heavily invested in developing our product lines, taking inspiration from designs from Italy, America and other countries, and we have combined this with our own research and development, resulting in our award-winning products. This, along with our second to none customer service, makes us confident that once you buy from us, you will never want to change to a different supplier ever.

To this date, we have exported to more than 130 countries, served hundreds of customers, and we are leaders in the fitness equipment manufacturing industry. The last 15 years has been exciting, and we have no intention of slowing down over the next 15 years.

Health clubs, professional athletes, government agencies, sports teams find it difficult to choose a trustworthy equipment supplier. With years of experience, many awards to commemorate its customer satisfaction service and quality equipment, and certifications from reputable government agencies, MONGO, a company located in China stands to strike out every doubt you might have been nurturing against getting a reliable quality equipment supplier. The offerings from the fitness equipment manufacturer are sufficient enough to cater for your all your gym equipment requirements.

To give an insight into what we offer since we launched in 2004, our main products have four series which have over 200 specifications and they are classical, deluxe, oxygen, margin. On top of that, we will investigate some gym equipment which can be used in a family in order to satisfy different requires. Since we launched in the year 2004, we have been forging ahead with the intent to provide self-designed, high-quality fitness equipment at affordable prices. We have the expertise, experience to manufacture and distribute high-end fitness equipment.


With all of the noise on the internet these days, it can be difficult to find a gym equipment supplier that you can trust, however, with our years of experience, the multitude of awards that commemorate our exceptional customer service and premium equipment, plus certifications from reputable government agencies, you can rest assured that at Mango you are in the best of hands.

Since we launched in 2004, we have developed 4 series of products that have hundreds of specifications, so you can guarantee that we have the equipment to meet whatever needs you may have. Over the last 15 years, we have been forging ahead with the intent to create cutting edge, high-quality fitness equipment at affordable prices. We have the expertise, experience and infrastructure to manufacture and distribute arguably the best fitness equipment in the world!

mango gym equipment factory

Our State of the Art Manufacturing Facility

Our World Class Facility covers 28, 000 square meters, which includes a large production plant, quality measure room, R&D facility and our incredible showroom.  At Mango we design and manufacture all of our own high-end gym equipment, providing you with exactly the machines and facility that you need. And importantly, all of our equipment conforms to the highest of international specifications, so you never need to worry about the standards of the equipment you get from us. Our range is perfect for individuals who are just starting up to make a mark, established businesses who are upgrading their equipment, and even home buyers for their own personal use.

Keeping Our Customers at Heart

Fitting out a gym, whether it is a 2000sq ft facility or just for personal use can be expensive, but here at Mango we believe that gym equipment can be both high quality AND cost-effective! By purchasing the equipment that our clients need directly from our website, they can eliminate the hassle and extra costs involved in going from one gym equipment store to another. In addition, Mango works with reputable and credible shipping companies to deliver this equipment safely and on time to the many destinations of our clients. If you don’t want to pay more for less, stick with Mango!


Our Service

Supplying Commercial Gym Equipment To Gyms And Fitness Centers
    Fitness Club

    Supplying Commercial Gym Machines To Fitness Club

    Fitness Club
    High Quality Commerical Gym equipment to fitness club.
    Office Gym

    Commercial fitness equipment has a service life of more than 30 years

    Office Gym
    30 years of commercial office fitness equipment
    Hotel Gym

    Supplying Commercial Gym Machines To Top Five-Star hotel

    Hotel Gym
    commercial fitness equipment available for top five-star hotels
    Apartent Gym

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    Apartent Gym
    Provides lightweight, easy-to-move apartent gym equipment
Get Your own business gym club
Supply Commerical Gym Equipment Over 15 Years

Our advantages

Global Delivery

Shipped by sea, land and air, delivery time is 10-30 working days, guarantee the complete delivery to your hands.

After sale service

All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for 3 year.

Highly customizable

the warranty period due to improper you use, or the natural environment caused by the us to provide free repair.

Easy to use

The weight is very light and easy to move, simple design, and high quality materials, MANGO is your best choice.