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The MG-N9002 Leg Extension Machine

The MG- N9002 Leg Extension Machine is a terribly heavy-duty design style, construction down with bearing action, and works with either normal weight plates or the Olympic plates with the enclosed Olympic sleeve adapter. It is a two hundred lbs style capability. It has 4″ diameter x 7″ heavy-duty foam roller pads that are set in two positions for extended or shorter legs. Additionally, it works on all the models of the Ironmaster self-spotting machine benches.

Due to The MG-N9002 Leg Extension Machine, the peak of the Super Bench, users over 6’2″ might have a floor clearance constraint. To urge a lot of clearance the can rotate to a suitable angle. If you would like to extend leg strength and build muscle, you would need to maneuver enough weight to challenge your body. This causes the muscle to break down and build stronger because it adapts to the strain.

MG-N9002 Seated leg extension
MG-N9002 Seated leg extension

You can utilize The MG-N9002 Leg Extension Machine to realize definition in the higher part of your thigh. After all, the exercise is one amongst the few choices once it involves analyzing your quads. You sit within the soft seat and hook the top notch of your feet underneath a movable lever, then you extend your knees against resistance, and bend them back off to perform one repetition.

Although The MG- N9002Leg Extension Machine will give you the power to isolate your quads, it is also risky, particularly to your knees. If you prefer to use it, make certain you have the correct type and solely add the quantity of weight that is applicable for your fitness level to keep your knees safe.

Areas of benefits

The MG- N9002 Leg Extension applies persistent tension on the anterior symmetric ligament (ACL), thus individuals with ligament injuries ought to avoid this exercise. The leg extension conjointly will increase the danger of lateral sesamoid bone deviation, that means the kneecap will slide right or left artificially.

The MG- N9002Leg Extension exercise targets the extensor muscle, and it is a comparatively straightforward and intuitive exercise — there is no import in bending and lengthening your knee joint.

People who wish to isolate their quads while not activating different muscles of the legs or glutes get pleasure from the leg extension. Building your quads with the leg-extension exercise conjointly help you to improve the force of kicking movements.


  • It consists of full industrial eleven gauge steel frame.
  • It has 2 layer powder coating with a range of colors out there, together with black pearl, silver pearl, and occasional pearl.
  • It has a professionally done artifact with accent sewing and a range of colors out there, together with black, coffee, and caramel, 59 x forty-five x sixty-four (WxLxH), 550 lbs unit weight, and 310-pound weight stack.

Finally, having access to a high-quality The MG-N9002 Leg Extension Machine is commonly the succeeding smartest thing. It has artifact around the head, neck, and shoulders provides comfort, with an oversized non-slip platform to position your feet for comfort. A simple adjustment of the protection pin permits you to switch from significant leg presses to hack squats. Sadly, it is a feature that is solely out there on leg press sleds.

Avoid straightening your knee fully once victimizing the leg extension machine because it will produce a cut force on the knee. This injury can occur in the tissue encompassing the knee.

The weight that is too significant on the leg extension will cause you to hike up through your pelvis and back. This puts you in danger of injury and diminishes the effectiveness of the machines to focus on your legs.