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The MG-N9001 Prone Leg Curl

Born from the expertise of six Olympic Games, twenty million everyday users in ten thousand facilities and twenty billion workouts, choice professional sets the standards in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics, design, and simple use is The MG-N900 Prone Leg Curl. Moreover, because of the elective UNITY™ mini, the primary affiliation interface for strength coaching, it will amend forever the means you train.

This MG-N900 Prone Leg Curl can offer your legs an ideal exercise, having a feature of a wonderfully contoured rear seat and a seamed extra-wide front seat delivering correct body alignment and body comfort. Straightforward entry onto the invention Series Selectorized Line Prone leg exercise permits users to align their articulation genus with the pivot for correct exercise mechanics. The gliding joint roller pad adjusts for varying leg lengths and ensures sleek, best resistance. The leg exercise was designed and valid alongside the most effective coaches and track & field athletes, to supply extraordinary hamstring strength, power, and speed, and to face up to the acute armed service created in sprints and powerful jumps.MG-N9001 Prone Leg Curl

The areas of benefits

The hamstring is the foremost common severe soft tissue injury in skilled football game players, and a significant concern in sports like soccer, rugby, and baseball. The leg exercise keeps players on the pitch. Experienced by athletes, and supported by science, The MG-N900 Prone Leg Curl builds speed, muscle, and power quicker than conservative approaches mistreatment weights. Moreover, the hamstring muscle cluster is most difficult to focus on, it seems additional muscle is concerned and showing additional use, compared with weight stack machines or alternative ways. The MG-N900 Prone Leg Curl permits for either unilateral or bilateral exercise.

The hamstrings are most likely the foremost neglected areas to coach, creating them as the weak links for several coaches. Having this machine in your athletic facility can offer you with the leg exercise advantages of analytic, strengthening, and process not solely to your hamstrings, however, but additionally to your entire posterior chain. The flexibility of this machine is great here; you will simply pull the pins once adjusting from leg extension to twist exercises.

The prone hamstring curl gets a far better improved hamstring accomplishment and may be a better bet because of solely the quads fastened, and therefore the hamstrings will move additional freely through a spread of motion. There will tend to be a constant accomplishment of the body part spine going into hyperlordosis, which is able to be evident once the person begins to rise off the bench.


Finally, it is a design for the foremost stringent users; The MG-N900 Prone Leg Curl works the hamstrings, safeguarding the lower back due to the engineering science incline of the pad. It features extra stabilization, having a dual handle, permitting the use of any size and guaranteeing outside stabilization. It has an inclined pad, which promotes maximal safety for significant safeguarding of load. It has the R.O.M lever activation button that adjusts the beginning position.

Thanks to its strength pilot advanced exercise steering choices and real-time training program, that gives the foremost effective and fascinating exertion within the market. Absolutely connected, it mechanically pushes your coaching information to your my wellness account thus you will be able to monitor your results over time. Load choice is currently easier due to the new weight stack pin with pretension cable that does not jam between the weights stacks.

The 2.5 kilo /five-pound plate integrated into the highest of the load stack helps increase load additional bit by bit. It has a replacement placard with enlarged graphics for higher reading and positioned for higher viewing. By work into the new QR code, you may acquire exercise steering and track your information. It has bottle and phone holders.


The furnishing of The MG-N9001 Prone Leg Curl is complete with two Pcs regulator #2 with Inertia of 0.05 and 0.025 and a user manual. It is a weight of seventy-six kilos, a height of 0.72 m, a width of 0.52 m, and a length of 1.90 m. it is powder-coated steel, manufactured from Aluminum. It is a variable and unlimited resistance mechanism of ø 0.37 m Aluminum and a special regulator lure fitting dense compound.