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Spinning bike

The spinning bike is basically similar to a regular bicycle, including the handlebar, the seat, the seesaw and the wheel. The body is firmly connected as a whole. Unlike ordinary bicycles, its structure can be greatly adjusted to make the rider feel more comfortable. Before getting on the bus, you must first determine the height of the seat. Usually this height is based on the height of your own standing on the ground, lifting your thighs and leveling with the ground, so that the angle between the thigh and the calf will not be too small when riding. , thus reducing the burden on the knee and avoiding damage; then determining the position of the handlebar with the position of the seat, holding it at the forefront of the handlebar, the elbow is most suitable for the position, the body is compact, and the arm is extended to the front. Don’t feel too hard. The height of the handlebar can also be raised and lowered according to the rider’s body.