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Hotel gym equipment

About Mango

Mango is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of commercial bodybuilding equipment in Guangzhou, China. Our machines are located in top hotels and gyms in more than 120 countries around the world. Our fitness equipment is all manufactured using international leading technology, such as from Taiwan electric motor, German running belt, and the American manufacturing process, etc., we are very suitable for providing a quality experience of the hotel gym equipment.

Mango offers a wide range of cardio equipment suitable for hotel gyms, all of which is constructed to the highest specifications, We ensure that our customers have a very comfortable experience

We offer more than 400 products. You can visit our gym equipment page for specific information. In addition, we also have some gym equipment packages. You can find your own package according to the size of your hotel gym.

our services

Design your hotel gym

 Our design team will design based on the size of your hotel gym, as well as a range of decorating styles, etc. Remember, this is free!!!

after-sales service

We provide more than long-term after-sales service. We provide repair and replacement services free of charge within three years of receipt of the goods. Note: (We will evaluate whether to intentionally damage fitness equipment).

Global transportation and installation services

We have professional transportation channels, including: sea, land and air transportation.

We can also arrange a technical team to fly to your country to help you install fitness equipment, but you have to pay for staff transportation and accommodation.