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Cable cross machine MG-N7027



This cable cross machine increases exercise intensity, increases strength training, and trains more muscle groups.

More suitable for exercising your chest stretch.

It adjusts the double pulley and your long-term motion damage guarantee will not be damaged, providing a wide range of options for your movement selection and customization.

Main exercise parts: shoulder, lateral stretch, arms biceps, the three-headed muscle on the free pulley, lateral thigh, leg stretch, lateral leg elevation, armpit, low row, chest press, butterfly and Shoulder Press (optional) work table).

Product Features:

    • 18 Pulley Position.
    • Maximum Load 180kg.
    • Building x50 mm.
    • Flexible cable, nylon cover.
    • Built-in pull-up Standard counterweight plate or Olympic board weight nail (including Olympic adapter) no space 180 x 150 cm.

Additional information

Product Name

Cable cross



Traning spot



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