Mango 300㎡ complete all in 1 gym set for lady | Mango Fitness | Commercial GYM equipment manufacturer in china

Mango 300㎡ complete all in 1 gym set for lady



Kettle bell
Medicine ball*5
Dumbbell           (rubber cover)
Fixed Straight bar
fixed Z bar
Chrome Dumbbell
Barbell weight  plate(rubber cover)
Exercise Mat
Fitness ball
Yogo mat
Gym Steps
Battle rope
Star Rubber floor
Big olympic pole with clip reed
1.8m Straight pole
1.5m Pic straight pole
1.2m Pic curly pole
Body Pump Set
Hanging boxing bag
Boxing Glove
Balance Discs
Ribwork ringy pole
Plastic dip in dumbbell
Multi-function Machine
Glute Extension
Inner thigh adductor
Prone Leg Curl
Seated leg extension
Shoulder press
Rear Delt / Pec Fly
Multi functional machine
incline chest press
45° degree leg press
seated chest press
seated row
decline chest press
Smith machine
Back Extension
Seated leg extension
Seated Preacher Curl
Calf Raise
Flat bench
Olympic bench press
Olympic Incline bench press
Adjustable Decline Bench
Luxury commercial  Dumbbell rack (10 pair)
Multi-Purpose Bench
Olympic Decline bench press
Shoulder Raise
Seated leg curl
super Squat
Multi adjustable bench
45 Leg press

Stepper and twister
Barbell rack
triceps press down
Plate tree
Ab Coaster
Spin bike
Commercial air bike
Rower machine