350-400㎡ Full Gym set package | Mango Fitness | Commercial GYM equipment manufacturer in china

350-400㎡ Full Gym set package



Shoulder press
Chest press
Abdominal crunch
Seated leg extension
Lat machine
Inner thigh adductor
Outer thigh abductor
Glute Extension
Triceps Extension
Biceps curl
Smith machine
Cable crossover
V-Crunch Abdominal Trainer
Olympic Decline bench press
Olympic Incline bench press
Adjustable Decline Bench
Multi adjustable bench
Seated Preacher Curl
Roman chair
Big olympic pole with clip reed
1.2m Pic curly pole
Barbell weight  plate(rubber cover)
Dumbbell           (rubber cover)
Luxury commercial  Dumbbell rack (10 pair)
Yogo mat
Fitness ball
Big aerobic step
Crazy fit massage
Heavy Duty Treadmill
Spin bike
elliptical bike
Rower machine
Recumbent bike
Upright Bike


1. Payment Terms: T/T 30% in advance, the balance should be paid before the shippment
2. Delivery: Within 30 days upon receipt of 30% deposit
3. Validity: Within 10days from the issuance date of this Quotation.
4. All Price are subject to our final confirmation.
5. Spare Parts: 2%of total amount easy worn spare parts is provided, pls inquire for the Spare Part List