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Getting the most out of your hotels’ gym equipment, no matter how much you are travelling

Keeping fit on the road is tough!

You’re travelling from city to city, for extended periods of time, staying in different hotels, with no real continuity. Eventually, you get home, only for your partner to remark;

“You’ve put on weight!”

It’s easily done!

Hotel food, lots of sitting, and not having a regular gym to go to.

Thing is: This Is No Excuse.

Sorry to break it to you. There are many, many ways to keep fit and on top of things while you are travelling, and below is a short guide on how to make the most of your Hotel gym’s equipment.

Can’t use what isn’t there

First things first, if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, there isn’t anything to take make full use out of! So you need to find one that does. Hotel comparison sites will allow you to add a gym filter so that when you do pick one, you know it will accommodate you.

When you have shortlisted your hotels, a quick google search is all it takes to find out what the gym will be like. The key here is to choose the gym that has equipment that supports what you are training for. Keen runner? Make sure it has treadmills. Trying to get stronger and fitter? Go for the one with more resistance equipment, such as machines or weights.

So, now you’ve checked in to your hotel, it’s always a good idea to scope out the gym, see what equipment is there and how much space there is. This is useful, because if you don’t know what is there, you can’t make a plan, and that is the next step.

The hotel gym equipment and how to use it to your advantage

You know what gym equipment is available, so making a plan can be as simple as copying a workout off of the internet. A plan helps because it means you don’t waste any time while you are in there, and also lets you figure out alternate exercises in case the equipment you want to use has been taken.

hotel gym equipment
hotel gym equipment

With that in mind, it is also a great idea to find out when the gym’s busy times are. Usually, before and after normal working hours are the busiest times, so if you can work around these, you will spend less time waiting, and more time working!

So, what kind of plans can you make? Well, it really comes down to what is available, doesn’t it? The type of equipment a hotel gym tends to have is cardio equipment, and there are loads of ways to use them! They will also tend to have some dumbbells, some barbells, a matted area, a few strength machines and some swiss balls. This is a far cry from the full complement of gym equipment you would tend to find in a commercial gym, but the good news is, that is PLENTY to get a great workout from!

In fact, check out this workout you could do using the above equipment only!

Warm up

-This is vital, to make sure you don’t pull a muscle or hurt yourself! 5 minutes on a cardio machine followed by some stretches will do as a minimum.

Complete each pair of exercises back to back, resting only after the second one.

  • Lat Pulldown: 10 reps.
  • Push-ups: 10 reps.
  • X3
  • Goblet Squats: 10 reps.
  • Shoulder Press: 10 reps.
  • X3
  • Plank: 30s.
  • X3
  • Seated Row machine: 10 reps.
  • Tricep Extensions: (with a dumbbell) 10 reps.
  • X3
  • Leg Extension: x10.
  • Bicep Curls: 10 reps.
  • X3

Cool down and stretch

-To ease off your muscles, help them recover, and reduce the risk of cramp!

By working exercises back to back, you are getting more work done in less time, as well as raising your metabolism higher! Also, this workout keeps things simple, which means if you are unable to do one of the exercises, you can just swap it for another! For example, if the seated row machine is being used, you can grab a barbell and do bent over rows. Or if the dumbbells you were planning on using are taken, you can use a barbell or a machine. Or even do a bodyweight exercise in many cases.

Making a plan, and having ideas of what you can change if certain gym equipment is being used, will allow you to spend less time thinking, and more time doing when you are in the gym. And by working hard and pairing exercises together, you can fit your workout in no matter how busy you are!

Make the most of all the facilities available

Often, hotels will have other facilities alongside the gym, and I would highly recommend using them too! A swim in a pool is a fantastic way to recover from a good workout while burning a few more calories in the process! And having a relax in a sauna is a great way to wound down!

Also, it is very important to refuel after training, so give the hotel cafe or bar a look, and opt for something high in protein. If it’s straight after the gym, you can also afford to get some carbs in there, to recharge the muscles! When used properly, the facilities in the hotel, especially the gym, and complement each other and keep you fit healthy, no matter how long you travel!

Hotels have gyms, pools and leisure centres for a reason – the more we use them, the happier and healthier we are. The more the hotel supports us in being happy and healthy, the more likely we will be to come back to them. So use the facilities to fullest amount that you can!


Keeping fit while you are travelling may not be as ideal as when at home, but by choosing the right hotel, making a plan using the gym’s equipment, and utilising everything the hotel has to offer, you avoid putting on the “travel weight”, and come home feeling just as good as you did when you left!

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