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Commercial Gym Equipment For Sale

Here at Mango, we believe in 2 things.

Delivering the highest quality gym equipment and the best customer service. Period.

We are a manufacturer of commercial fitness equipment, and every piece is created in accordance with the highest levels of international craftsmanship so you can be safe in the knowledge that piece you buy from us is safe, functional perfect for your use.

15 years ago we began from practically nothing, but have built ourselves up to become one of the most well-known brands in the world’s fitness equipment industry! We achieved this by becoming known by reputation for our quality and service, so not only are you getting the best apparatus but also a world-class service in the process.

How do we keep on top of the latest trends and maintain our standards? By having our own in-house R&D team! This means we are constantly innovating, and you can keep ahead of the competition.

Over the years we have supplied equipment to Hotels, Schools, Gyms, Offices, and many more customers, so we can help support, guide and advise you on what equipment will work best for you. And with a catalogue of over 400 products, if you can’t find the right piece of equipment, it probably doesn’t exist!

Our gym case:


MSRP: $8,93.90
Express Go Upright Bike
MSRP: $1,190.00

Our Most Popular Commercial Gym Equipment

Commercial Rowing machineThis machine stimulates and strengthens the muscles in your legs, core, arms and back, making this a fantastic, full-body piece of cardio equipment. It is fun, fluid and burns calories at a high rate. And being low impact, it can be perfect for people who struggle with high impact exercises such as running.


Commercial treadmill -When people think of gym equipment, the treadmill is often the first thing that comes to mind. It’s functional, great for your heart and lungs, and is perfect for keeping you fit. Plus, it allows you to keep up with your running no matter what the weather is like outside.

Commercial Stair Stepper -Want to strengthen your legs and glutes, and improve your cardio at the same time? Want to be challenged in a unique way that gets fantastic results? The stepper answers these needs every time.

MG-C6001 Climbing machine
MG-C6001 Climbing machine

Commercial exercise bikeSplit between upright and horizontal bikes, these strengthen your legs and improve your cardiovascular fitness, all without the impact of other cardio machines. Being able to increase the resistance allows you to adapt your training to best meet your goals.
MG-C6008 Upright Bike

Commercial Elliptical running machineNot ready for treadmills? Aiming to burn some calories, but need to avoid the impact from treadmills? Ellipticals (or Cross Trainer) are the answer! With handles as well, you can take some of the work away from your legs, on to your arms, allowing you to work through certain injuries or progress on to other machines.

MG-C6000 self-generating elliptical machine
MG-C6000 self-generating elliptical machine


If you are interested in some of our machines, we are happy to share our industry knowledge with you. We recommend that you contact us and we will provide you with a professional quote. Please contact us or use our contact form and Click here to find out more about us.