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Grudge Match! Free Weights or Resistance Machines – See Who Comes Out On Top!

Let’s put this matter to bed, once and for all. I’ve used both free weights and resistance machines in the last 12 years I have working out, and like you, I have had loads of telling me; “Resistance machines suck, free weights are the only way to build muscle!” Or “Machines are great, there’s no […]

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Top10 Weight loss gym equipment And 10 tips for losing weight

Introduction There are common myths about weight loss that people experience when it comes to maintaining a pleasing form of tone. Let’s start with weight loss in the medical and dietary context Health status or physical fitness refers to a reduction in total body mass due to an average loss of fluid, body fat or […]

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The MG- N9010 Incline Chest Press Machines

Valor Fitness company is based in Florida, selling over four hundred fitness merchandise to home exercisers, studios, skilled athletes, and business gyms. If you are trying to bulk up, tone, or broaden your chest, then the MG- N9010 Incline Chest Press Machines is an excellent approach in giving you your heart desires. The MG- N9010 […]

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The MG- N9005 Lateral Raise machine feature

Bodybuilders seek to gain loads of chiseled muscles in their shoulders. While specific sporting movements such as cleanings, explosions, squats, and wood presses are essential to performance as strength and power athletes, movements such as side elevation can and should be used during training to increase muscle hypertrophy, help circulate the blood in tissues and […]

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The MG-N9001 Prone Leg Curl

Born from the expertise of six Olympic Games, twenty million everyday users in ten thousand facilities and twenty billion workouts, choice professional sets the standards in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics, design, and simple use is The MG-N900 Prone Leg Curl. Moreover, because of the elective UNITY™ mini, the primary affiliation interface for strength coaching, it […]

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THE MG-N9003 Leg Press Machine

If you want to increase the strength of your legs and develop your leg muscles, you will need to exert enough weight to challenge your body muscles. This causes muscle degradation and rebuilding, as it adapts to stress exerted to a body. Commercial gyms are often equipped with heavy-duty power, equipped with safety bars to […]

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The MG-N9002 Leg Extension Machine

The MG- N9002 Leg Extension Machine is a terribly heavy-duty design style, construction down with bearing action, and works with either normal weight plates or the Olympic plates with the enclosed Olympic sleeve adapter. It is a two hundred lbs style capability. It has 4″ diameter x 7″ heavy-duty foam roller pads that are set […]

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