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Getting the most out of your hotels’ gym equipment, no matter how much you are travelling

Keeping fit on the road is tough! You’re travelling from city to city, for extended periods of time, staying in different hotels, with no real continuity. Eventually, you get home, only for your partner to remark; “You’ve put on weight!” It’s easily done! Hotel food, lots of sitting, and not having a regular gym to […]

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Top 10 Exercises to Shred Fat Quickly and Build Muscle at the Same Time!

We’ve all looked in the mirror and not been happy with what we’ve seen looking back at us. I get it. Work is busy, the hours are long, and one day you are talking to a friend, and telling him something along the lines of; “When I was X years old I could do Y, […]

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Top 8 Exercise Equipment for Building Muscle

There are hundreds of kinds of fitness equipment in the gym. There are also many new products appearing in the market every year to meet the different needs of people of all ages. Some people want to lose weight, some people want to be healthy, and some people want to exercise muscles. Let me introduce […]

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The Top10 benefits of Exercise

Introduction Actually, the term “exercise” means several things to individuals. However, exercise is a physical activity that we must be plan, structure, and repeat in order to improve our health and maintain physical fitness. People are not familiar with the goals and benefits of exercise, they are not aware that exercise is useful primarily for […]

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How to Build Your Muscle

Introduction Physically conscious people are always trying to find ways to develop muscles quickly. Taking muscle-building pills, taking cherries to gain weight, endless hours of exercise and extravagant regimes – these are just some of the things men and women to develop their muscles. Several Other Ways However, there is no better way to develop […]

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